You will find below the main themes of the project Alterados (Seduction, Feelings in Love and Intimacy). Each of these themes includes various detailed activities to animate workshops for young people aged 12 to 17 years. These activities are built to be carried out continuously or separately. It is therefore possible to animate a workshop using one or more of the activities proposed for each of the themes.

Your choice of activities:

  1. Quiz: In a big group, you present a series of statements to the young people that push them to think! Each statement contains a response element and a final key message.
  2. Scenarios : Several scenarios are presented with specific stimulus questions to make young people think. You will also find a section with broader questions and a key message on the topic to close it off.
  3. Videos : Here you will find a series of short videos related to the chosen theme. You can choose to present one or more. For each of them, animation questions and elements to be retained are presented to feed the discussion with the group.
  4. Exchanges: Some broader questions on the theme are presented to stimulate a large group exchange and to push the reflection further with ease.

Choose a theme