Welcome to the website of the Alterados project dedicated to youth workers in community, school and health and social services communities in Quebec. The general approach of the proposed tools iscentered on the engagement of young people in a dynamic of exchanges around the new sociosexual realities and the creation of a place and a moment so that they can express themselves on these matters which touch them daily.


Did you say SEX ? is an animation tool for youth workers (12 -17 years old) who facilitates discussion on broad themes related to intimacy, seduction and romantic relationships.

This tool encourages the participation of young people through their interpretation of different images to engage the discussion on various themes. It supports development and critical thinking for teenagers aged 12 to 17 years old.


In this section, you will find the main themes of the Alterados project (Seduction, Love Feelings and Intimacy). Each of these themes includes various detailed activities to facilitate workshops for young people aged 12 to 17 (Quizzes, Situations, Videos and Exchanges). These activities are built to be carried out online or printed, continuously or separately. It is therefore possible to animate a workshop using one or more of the activities proposed for each of the themes.